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Crank Pedaling Force & Speed
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CAN Bus Makes
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Electronics: Sensors and Wireless

The Smart Crank can measure and collect torque data, crank speed, crank angle / position, and heart beat data, then send it to your smart phone



• Accelerator
• Motion
• Torque
• Gyro


• Wireless
• Bluetooth
• WiFi

Exercise Bike


• Accelerator
• Light
• Motion
• Torque
• Gyro
• Heartbeat


• Wireless
• Bluetooth
• WiFi

Motor Kit

CAN-Bus and Protocol

Duo Crank Solution

Left & Right smart crank is using CAN-Bus technology to communicate crank Sensors (Bluetooth, Gyroscope, and Accelerator) with other Can-Bus Components.

Two Cranks Solutions

Two Cranks(Right and Left) are different and they have some similar and different features. Both left and right cranks have strain gauges to measure the torque of the left and right feet, both cranks rotate at the same speed, and the angle is always 180 degrees apart. The left crank is fitted with a full set of strain gauges, CAN-Bus connectors, Bluetooth, Gyroscope, and Accelerator Sensors. The right crank is fitted with strain gauge, CAN-Bus connectors, but it has no Bluetooth, Gyroscope, and Accelerator Sensors. The accuracy of the strain gauge determines the price and cost of the strain gauge. APP can be custom for exercise machine or special usage.

Smart Crank CAN-Bus Protocol

CAN-Bus Bus Speed: 250 Kbits

CAN-Bus Types of Parameters:

  • Operational Parameters: PAS, Torque, Angle, Gyro

  • Operational Parameters: Parameters: ADC value, BLE connectivity, Raw Gyro Data

  • Diagnostic Parameters: Power Supply, Sensor Connectivity, BLE, Gyro, Torque

I/O Adapter Boad

I/O Adapter Board can provide CAN-Bus, Bluetooth, and I/O Module. It can communicate with cell phone and provide CAN-Bus and I/O Module data.

I/O Adapter Board Features:

  • I/O Adapter Board can connect with Bike Head Lights, Left & Right Light, Horn, Wheel Speed Sensor, Brake Sensors, Throttle, etc

  • It can communicate with Cell Phone or any device with Bluetooth and it can sent CAN-Bus, Lights Control(Front & Back, Brake, and L/R Signals) data

  • Paltorc Bike App can control E-Bike lights and Electronics Brake which can stop the motor with I/O communication module

  • It can replace E-Bike Display and Control Pads with Paltorc App

  • Paltorc Bike can display and control PAS Level, Head Lights, Left/Right Signals, Brakes, Motor Control, Speed, Distance, Horn, etc

  • Different Motor design may require different pedaling force vs motor force chart

  • The final pedaling force vs throttle voltage slopes can be decided by E-bikes manufacturers / distributors

IOS Paltorc Bike App Health Gadgets Features:

  • Display Health Data on Paltorc Bike and Health App

  • Sent Data to Health App

  • Store Data in Log File

  • Use Heart Rate and ECG to Display and Store Data for Paltorc Bike And Health App

Use Bluetooth as a Key to Lock / Unlock E-Bike:

  • Use Bluetooth as a key to lock / unlock E-Bike

  • In production, specific MAC address and pass key will be assigned to every BLE

  • Each pass key is generated based on Paltorc's algorithm

  • Turn on the battery pack that provides power to E-Bike system

  • Then open Paltorc Bike App, it will look for Paltorc Bluetooth MAC address

  • When Paltorc BLE is found, APP will check the pass key code

  • Once the pass key matches, the E-Bike will be unlocked / the motor will be on

  • The motor will stay on until smart phone is out of the range for >1 minute

  • Then motor will be locked once BLE connection is lost for >1 minute

Cloud Services

Diagnosis and Firmware Download

Service System Diagnosis and Firmware Download

Smart Crank can be updated Firmware with Service App.

Smart Crank Liability Test

Smart Crank Life Test

Smart Crank Test Conditions:

  • 180Kg Weight

  • Pushing down 75,000 times

  • Pulling up 75,000 times

  • No damage to the Smart Crank

  • Counter Clockwise/ Clockwise Rotation

  • No Open/Short

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