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Paltorc Smart Crank

The Smart Crank is a revolutionary new method of recording biking movements, speed, and force. Access all data from your smartphone to see your progress. Smart Crank can also replace speed sensor and torque sensor PAS (Pedal Assist System). Reach new goals and bike smarter.

Analog Version

Paltorc Smart Crank Features

Two Different Smart Crank Implementations:

  • Current Smart Crank Production Version - Send Throttle Voltage to E-Bike Motor Controller.  - In Production Now

  • New Version - Send Digital CAN-Bus Data to E-Bike Motor Controller.

  • Right Crank always synchronize with Left Crank

  • For Cost Concern only Left Smart Crank is implemented

  • Right Crank Data is emulated by Left Crank

  • Both implementations share the same APPs

New versions of Paltorc Apps can support old version(analog version) and new version(CAN-Bus version)

Paltorc App Immediate Value:

  • Make riding more interesting

  • Collect exercise & health data

  • Generate Health & Exercise Big Data and summaries

  • Conduct remote service/diagnosis

  • The same APPs can support both old design(analog version) and new design(CAN-Bus version) availability

  • Customers Data Base

  • Health and Exercise Analysis

  • Advertisement Income

  • Social Networking

Paltorc's Smart Crank provides several features that other speed sensors and torque sensors cannot provide.

In addition to torque and speed sensors, we also provide:

  • Angle, we use the accelerator on the crank to provide the angle position of the crank and the position of the pedal at any moment. You can judge whether the left foot or the right foot is exerting force. You can also find the maximum output value of each pedaling cycle according to the angle.

  • Because there are Gyroscopes and Accelerators on the crank, the angular velocity will change drastically during a collision. Even when the E-bike is tipping, the changes in the gyroscope and accelerator can show the E-bike's tilt and unexpected conditions and provide warnings.

  • In the E-bike rental market, due to external damage or theft, the E-bike movement caused the Gyroscope and Accelerator to be in an incorrect state. It will also trigger a warning from the remote monitoring center.

  • Paltorc has developed several APPs to record all exercise, health, geographical, and weather conditions and provide summary reports.

  • At the same time, we can also use our APPs to record the E-bike's climbing conditions and slope, and use Bluetooth and CAN-Bus to provide the E-bike's slope to the motor controller for reference.

Analog Throttle Solutions

Analog Based Design

With Pogo pins and slip ring

  • Power Comes From E-Bike Controller

  • Send Analog data through cable to E-Bike controller

Smart Crank Controller can

  • measure torque data from strain gauge

  • Gyro / accelerator can sense crank speed, position

  • Convert Smart Crank data to emulate throttle analog signal

  • Send analog signal to throttle connector of traditional E-Bike

CAN-Bus Digital Throttle

Two existing CAN-Bus System Solutions

Can work with two different CAN-Bus protocols:

  • Working with DAPU and Cloud Drive to develop DAPU Spec.

  • CAN-Bus protocol jointly defined by DAPU / Cloud Drive / Paltorc

  • The current version CAN-Bus Protocol is (ver.2.8.5)

  • Adopting European CAN-Open protocol

  • CAN-Bus smart crank prototype can work with CAN-Open devices(e.g. motor controller)

  • Can plug in many CAN-Open devices available in CAN-Open

  • Can be modified to work with different CAN-Bus protocols standards

CAN-Bus Solutions (DAPU Protocol)

CAN BUS Advantage

Can Bus Key Advantage Options:

  • Shorten connection cables (all of electronics can be connected to any Can Bus device)

  • Easily adopt mote can bus devices from car industry

  • Can Bus can be extended to include more Can Bus devices

  • More health related sensors can be added to Can Bus

  • More multimedia products can be added to Can Bus

  • Take advantage of Can Bus to make diagnosis much easier and faster

  • With Can Bus / BLE / Smart Phone remote diagnosis is possible

  • Cut down service cost dramatically

Total E-Bike Kit CAN-Bus Solutions

E-Bike Key Components Options

  • Mid-Drive Motor 200W / 250W / 350W team up with HonLin

  • Hub Motor team up with Dapu

  • Battery Pack (Lithium or Graphene):

  • 36V(10 in Series), 6.9Ah (3x2.3Ah in parallel) 30 cells/36x6.9 = 248Wh

  • 36V(10 in Series), 8.1Ah (3x2.7Ah in parallel) 30 cells/36x8.1 = 292Wh

  • 36V(10 in Series), 13.2Ah (4x3.3Ah in parallel) 40 cells/36x13.2 = 475Wh

  • Aluminum / Carbon Fiber Frame provided by HonLin / Dapu / Customers

  • Electronics accessories such as wheel speed sensor, brake sensor etc.

Total Solutions

Total Solutions: Tube Motor / Tube Battery Pack / CAN-Bus Motor Controller / CAN-Bus Smart Crank and APPs

E-Bike Features

  • Tube Motor

  • Battery Pack

  • Controller

  • All-In-One-Tube

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