E-Bike Kit

Useful for Bike, Exercise Bike, Robotics, etc

Light Weight and Compactly Sized

Built-In BLE - Communicate with smart Devices

Plug & Play - Solution

Calculate - Torque/Weight, Angle, Speed - Bike & Pedaling, Heartbeat Rate, GPS Map, Travel Distance

Amazing Features

Smart Crank

Collects data such as biker's pedaling force, pedaling speed, and crank position to help control motor output

Bluetooth Enabled

Use our Bluetooth E-Bike Controller and our Pedal Assist Mode to maximize your ride

Smartphone App

With our Paltorc App for iOS and Android, get data from our smart crank and monitor all the activity done the E-Bike


  • The controller takes instructions from the smart crank to control the Motor voltage and current

  • The smart crank connects to the throttle interface of the e-bike controller

  • When you pedals backward, e-bike controller starts braking and charging the battery


The Smart Crank uses the the pedaling force from your legs to control the motor voltage / current output. It also collects data such as the pedaling force, speed, riding distance and crank position etc. on your smart phone. The collected data can be used for training purposes, health purposes, entertainment and social purposes. It is better to use APP provided by Paltorc to optimize your riding experience.

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