Paltorc's Smart Crank kit allows the E-Bike PAS (Pedal Assist System) to run more smoothly. Smart Crank is 'Plug and Play' device, so all you have to do is replace the old crank with the smart crank, then connect smart crank cable to the e-bike throttle connector. Using the crank allows the PAS to sense the biker's pedaling force and speed to control motor more efficiently. Biker exercise data can be displayed and stored on your smartphone.


Like the E-Bike, Paltorc's smart crank kit can also be installed into exercise bikes. Replace your old crank with the smart crank and connect the cable to the throttle connector. Use the crank to sense a biker's pedaling force and speed, which can be stored and displayed on your smartphone.


The Micro Motor Module can be applied to various smart home devices using motors such as remote control light switches, blue-tooth controlled draperies, and electronic locks. The blue-tooth and motor technology is natural, connected through a smartphone and the cloud.